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Legal Assistance Referral Scheme - NSW ODPP Solicitor Referral Form

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This form is for NSW Office of the Director of Public Prosecutions Solicitor use only.

The Legal Assistance Referral Scheme is available to assist the ODPP in situations where one or more trial witnesses require independent advice. This most commonly arises in relation to matters involving s18 or s128 of the Evidence Act 1995.

The advice will usually be provided by phone or video conference in advance of the trial date, where possible. The location and time of the advice appointment will be arranged at the convenience of the witness, the barrister and the ODPP.

In the spirit of facilitating the efficient administration of justice, barristers who assist the ODPP through this Scheme participate on a voluntary basis. If the barrister is required for more than one hour, eg. for a trial that involves multiple witnesses, vulnerable witnesses or in situations where the Judge requests the barrister attend the hearing, we request that arrangements be made to reimburse the barrister for their time.

While every effort is made by the Bar Association, please be advised it is not always possible to find a barrister to assist.

Please review the Bar Association privacy and collection statement at the end of the form before submitting the application.